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edelhelfer: Market Analysis - Sports Aggregators in Germany

Current report on the growing market for sports aggregators in Germany

edelhelfer & EuropeActive: Personal Training in Europe

Detailed joint research containing the following contents:

  • Current state of research
  • Analysis of the personal training market
  • National markets
  • Expert interviews

edelhelfer: Leading Operators - Fitness in Germany

Recent report as of 31.12.2017 portraying the top 10 fitness operators in Germany.

edelhelfer/fitogram: The fittest cities in Germany

Recent partnership report as of 05.04.2017 covering:

  • The fitness level in the 22 largest cities in Germany.

edelhelfer: Markt Analysis - Fitness in Switzerland

Recent report covering:

  • The top 10 fitness operators in Switzerland
  • Key figures on the Swiss fitness market

edelhelfer: Leading Operators - Fitness in Europe

Recent report as of 31.12.2015 covering the top 20 fitness operators in Europe


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In the analogy of the super-domestique in cycling the edelhelfer GmbH ('eːdəlhɛlfɐ) supports its customers in challenges of their corporate development. Our services are focused primarily on the sports and leisure industry.