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DIFG Association


The edelhelfer (English: super-domestique) GmbH was named after the super-domestique in cycling. He works in an outstanding position for the success of his team captain and supports him in every situation of the race. He does not consider himself too good for serving as water-carrier but he is particularly able to spend his team captain slipstream in though high mountains stages.

Following this analogy we see ourselves as an assistant who accompanies his customer on his specific way towards his aim. Thereby the customer takes centre as the captain with whom we prepare each stage in the best possible way and also put it into practice. Our tasks can be as versatile as the challenges that arise in the different stages of business development. Market analysis, strategic positioning or the acquisition of capital represent a major part of our work.

We mainly focus our services on the consumer goods industry and especially on the sports and leisure market where we already possess a broad “race-history” which we could apply in our new tasks.

The edelhelfer work committed, flexible and with creativity on individual and pragmatic solutions for sustainable success in each stage of business development.